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The Alaska Venture Capital Association (AKVCA) is a nonprofit organization that supports the creation of new jobs for Alaskans and strengthening the Alaskan economy through the development of a globally competitive, sustainable venture capital (VC) and high-growth entrepreneurship ecosystem across all regions of the state. We work with all forms of organizations, individuals and the general public in the execution of our mission and for the betterment of all Alaskans. AKVCA is headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska.

Entrepreneur funding

We work to bring more funding to Alaskan entrepreneurs across all regions.

Jobs for Alaskans

We work to create more high-paying jobs for Alaskans.

Economic diversification

We support economic stability by helping Alaskans build large companies across different industries.


Alaska has; sent to L48, other countries

$5B+ / year

Alaska earns in a normal year

Up to $3B

Invested in L48 entrepreneurs


Invested in Alaskan entrepreneurs

Pat Kane, Director

Pat Kane grew up in Noorvik, Alaska, an Iñupiat village up the Kobuk River from Kotzebue, and attended high school in Fairbanks and Anchorage.

Pat is founder and Managing Director of MarketVC, a venture capital (VC) firm, and former CEO and Chairman of Saoirse Corporation. Pat founded Saoirse at 19, while a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and began hiring after winning a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant and a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) contract; which led to the development of a new form of drug delivery nanotechnology (e.g. to assist in the treatment of soldiers suffering from brain trauma due to injury from explosive devices and projectile [bullet] wounds). Pat grew the company to dozens of staff, most with advanced (e.g. PhD, MD, JD, MBA) degrees, and multimillion-dollar contracting with the U.S. Department of Defense.

In addition to his scientific and managerial experience, Pat is a skilled computer programmer and web/system administrator. Prior to Saoirse, he worked as technical research staff at the MIT Picower Center for Learning and Memory. He conceived/founded and co-taught an MIT class as a college sophomore ("Experimental Methods of Adjustable Tetrode Array Neurophysiology," catalog number 9.96), and was elected MIT Freshman Class President.

Pat is an avid traveler (five continents, twenty countries), and grew up hunting, fishing and enjoying a range of sports and activities (e.g. skiing/snowboarding, snowshoeing, dog sledding, basketball, squash, soccer, hockey, hiking and running).

Support for Pat Kane

I have known Pat for more than a decade. He is profoundly connected to, and cares deeply about the issues and people of our state.
Julie Kitka, President, Alaska Federation of Natives (AFN), Alaska's largest Alaska Native organization

I admire Pat's creativity around building his venture capital firm. I would consider working with him.
Terry McGuire, Chairman emeritus, National Venture Capital Association (NVCA); Founder, Polaris Partners, world's largest biotech VC firm by investments

I like Pat and would consider working with him.
Robert "Bob" Langer, MIT; world's most successful serial entrepreneur

I support Pat Kane and would consider working with him.
Deb Roy, MIT; Chief Media Scientist, Twitter

I was Pat's academic advisor at MIT. I was impressed by his exceptional intelligence and leadership abilities.
Professor Whitman Richards, MIT

I was Pat's research supervisor at MIT, and Chairman of the Saoirse Corporation Science Advisory Board. I have strongly supported Pat's work for its potential as a novel means for therapeutic intervention in a variety of neurological conditions and disorders including brain injury and stroke."
Professor Matt Wilson, MIT

Saoirse Corporation's technology appears to be a significant breakthrough for drug delivery in brain injury.
Kenneth Curley MD, Army Neurotrauma Coordinator

It may become essential to be able to direct NIH's neuroprotection therapy to brain regions that are undergoing damage in doses that are uniquely appropriate for the stressed brain cells. The brain drug delivery system (BDDS) that is being developed by Saoirse shows promise for this application. We will be very interested in collaborating with Saoirse.
-John Hallenbeck MD, Chief NIH Stroke Branch; Former Chief U.S. Navy Neurology Training Program, National Naval Medical Center

Pat Kane's research could revolutionize how we treat brain injuries.
Michael O'Rourke, Head Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Health Policy

Incidents of brain injury continue to rise and to date no treatment exists. The American Legion supports efforts such as the DARPA/Saoirse Brain Injury Technology research project which seeks to develop an evidence-based treatment for brain injury.
Jacob Gadd, Head American Legion Health Policy

"The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now."

-Chinese Proverb

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